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Why is two is better than one? main image

Why is two is better than one?

On most electric water softeners that I service in Hampshire, West Sussex and East Sussex tha...

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​What Do I Want A Filter Tap For? main image

​What Do I Want A Filter Tap For?

What Do I Want A Water Filter Tap For? A great addition to any water softener installation is...

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Start Using Less Soaps and Detergents With Soft Water! main image

Start Using Less Soaps and Detergents With Soft Water!

Just use ⅓ of Soaps & Detergents with Soft Water! Soap and detergents are just one area of th...

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From Slimy To Silky - My Water Is Too soft, Can I Make It Harder? main image

From Slimy To Silky - My Water Is Too soft, Can I Make It Harder?

My water is too soft, can I make it harder? From time to time I get asked if there is anyway to m...

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Dishwasher salt & Rinse Aid main image

Dishwasher salt & Rinse Aid

Did you know that if you have a water softener you no longer need to fill it with salt or use rin...

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Replenishing salt main image

Replenishing salt

If you are thinking how to add salt to your water softener or are looking to purchase a Kinet...

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Tap options main image

Tap options

All three way taps are available in chrome and brushed chrome. A great addition to avoid having a...

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Tea and coffee main image

Tea and coffee

“It makes my tea look and taste so much better” says everyone with one of my water softeners in E...

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Soft water in the bathroom main image

Soft water in the bathroom

“Now we have soft water we would never go back” Judy from Horsham in West Sussex.Softened water u...

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The boiler myth​ main image

The boiler myth​

There is alot of confusion as to whether or not you can soften water that feeds your boiler.Above...

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Cleaner laundry main image

Cleaner laundry

When you live in a hard water area you have to use more detergent to combat the hard water. So, t...

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How not to do it main image

How not to do it

From time to time we come across installations that make the mind boggle. This was found and rect...

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Uneven salt blocks main image

Uneven salt blocks

In this short video I explain why and what to do when your salt blocks go down unevenly. Thes...

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checkatrade main image


We are rapidly approaching 1000 reviews on checkatrade as Scott Jenkins Water Softeners.Here is a...

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Scale on your shower rose main image

Scale on your shower rose

One of the more common and noticeable issues that people experience from the effects of hard ...

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We can install anywhere main image

We can install anywhere

A water softener does not have to go under the kitchen sink. These pictures will show just how ve...

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Faucet tap main image

Faucet tap

Here I am explaining why a faucet tap is a neat little addition to your water softener. I also sh...

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Hard Vs Soft main image

Hard Vs Soft

Here is a video where you can clearly see the difference between hard water and soft water.It ill...

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Three way taps main image

Three way taps

Here is a short video explaining what a three way tap is and why you might want one to accomp...

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Meet The Team main image

Meet The Team

What a great day delivering block salt. Today, I took Maisie and Max on their first block salt de...

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My First blog main image

My First blog

Hi, Glad you could make it. I will be posting as much as possible, and I do requests, so please a...

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