How hard is the water in Brookwood?

Water hardness reading:
270 ppm (very hard)

Hard water is all around in Brookwood!

Brookwood, like most other parts of Surrey and southern England, is subjected to hard water. Don’t blame the weather and the rain – rainfall is naturally soft. The culprit lies beneath out feet, in the soil.

With Brookwood situated on mainly limestone, porous soil that is full of calcium and magnesium minerals, it can’t escape hard water! Once rainwater permeates the soil, these calcium and magnesium components get to work and turn the soft water hard. A swizz, but true!

If you live in Brookwood and are fed up with nothing but hard water flowing from the taps, the wise move would be to opt for a water softener. You’ll see the benefits in an instant! Our skin and hair adore softened water! Soft water safeguards their natural shine and vibrancy. Every time laundry comes out the washing machine after being washed in soft water, it will stay soft to the touch. Not horrible and starchy feeling!

Nasty limescale is also caused by hard water. Water softeners stop scale build up in its tracks, ensuring that your everyday household appliances, like washing machines, dishwashers, kettles and even irons work much more efficiently. Keeping your kitchen or bathroom clean is also so much easier with softened water; it’ll take far less effort and expense to do so. That’s because surfaces stay free from limescale-induced grime and staining and use up way less cleaning products into the bargain. What’s more, your central heating system won’t get clogged with scale, meaning the boiler will work more efficiently and enjoy a much longer life – resulting in reduced energy bills and averting the risk of having to repair or replace the boiler sooner than necessary.

In Brookwood, the water hardness measurement is 270 parts per million (ppm). That’s considered high, given that readings over 200ppm are ranked as hard. Install a water softener and those readings will virtually disappear off the scale.

Brookwood – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 21.43inch or 544.32mm.

Brookwood is a Surrey village about 3.5 miles west of Woking, although part of the village lies in the borough of Guildford. A mix of semi-rural, woodland-set and archetypal suburban residential homes, Brookwood’s population at the 2011 census stood at 2565.

Perhaps best known for the 500-acre Brookwood Cemetery – also called the London Necropolis – Brookwood also gave its name to the former Victorian Brookwood Hospital, which used to be Surrey’s leading mental institution. The site was redeveloped for housing in the early 1990s. The village borders Knaphill, home to Brookwood Manor and the Basingstoke Canal, which has a flight of locks at Brookwood.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Brookwood

The mains water and sewerage services for Brookwood come under the remit of Thames Water.

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