How hard is the water in Hollingbury?

Water hardness reading:
270 ppm (very hard)

Hollingbury is a very hard water area

If you live in the Hollingbury area of Brighton, you’ll experience very hard water in the mains supply. The famous chalky soil and bedrock is the reason for this. Rainwater is naturally soft but once it reaches the bedrock, which contains an abundance of hard water-causing calcium and magnesium minerals, the water changes composition.

The best cure for hard water is to have a water softener installed in your home. The benefits will be immediate. Skin and hair adore soft water, because it helps retain their natural softness and vibrancy. Softened water is superb for those suffering from dry skin, or conditions like dermatitis and eczema. Your laundry will appreciate softened water, too.

Limescale, which collects on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, is also caused by hard water. A water softener will instantly stop this unsightly build-up, preventing it from accumulating around baths, sinks, shower screens and household appliances. Worse still, limescale is a pest for central heating systems, blocking up pipework and forming in water tanks. A system fighting to overcome limescale will use up unnecessary amounts of costly energy just to generate the right amount of heat and hot water. Softened water = lower fuel bills. And it will protect the life of your boiler.

The water hardness level in Hollingbury is around 270 parts per million (ppm) – that’s deemed very hard. Under 100 ppm is recognised as soft water. Having a cost-effective Scott Jenkins Water Softener fitted will reduce your water hardness to virtually nothing.

Hollingbury – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 34 inch or 850mm.

Hollingbury is a northern part of the city of Brighton and Hove, east of Patcham and west of Coldean, close to the A27 bypass. Looking south is leafy Surrenden and the busy Fiveways local shopping area.

At the summit of Hollingbury Hill is Hollingbury Castle Camp, an Iron Age hillfort dating from around the sixth century B.C. The factories on the Hollingbury industrial estate once employed 8000. The area declined but revived from around 1990, with the arrival of major retail units.

The main primary school for the area is Carden. Built in the late 1940, it was one of the first schools to be completed in the post-war period. Hollingbury golf course, a council-run course, is open to all.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Hollingbury

The mains water and sewerage services for the Hollingbury district of Brighton are provided by Southern Water and South-East Water.

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