Water Softeners

Our unbeatable selection of water softeners are designed to suit all requirements and UK plumbing systems. With our world-class products like Kinetico, EcoWater and Harvey, you’re in safe hands.

Limited by budget? Check out our brand new MolliVita, the most affordable water softener on the market, exclusively available through Scott Jenkins Water Softeners for just £1,195.

All our prices include VAT and we’re proud of our transparent pricing.  The prices you see on the website are the final prices, we won’t charge a penny more, or a penny less, so you know exactly what to expect on the day.

Not sure which water softener is best is for you? Answer these few questions and we’ll help point you in the right direction. Please also give us a call any time if you have questions, or would like to get booked in.

One visit – and one visit only – is all it takes to get you set up with your new water softener!


Save on pre-inspection visits and surveys


Everything can be arranged on delivery day – for your maximum convenience


We carry all the equipment we could possibly need on the van – saving you any unnecessary time and expense