Kinetico Water Softeners

Although we have installed many different water softeners over the years, Kinetico water softeners have always proved to be the most reliable and efficient. As world-leaders in the water treatment industry, Kinetico use only the most advanced, superior technology. Its clever non-electric, twin-tank technology ensures a continuous supply of softened water 24 hours a day. The only maintenance your water softener should require is adding salt. As an Authorised Kinetico Dealer, we can take the hassle out of remembering to order your salt and will deliver directly to your door. Just ask us for details.

Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softener

Kinetico’s most advanced, premium non-electric water softener with emax technology for the optimum in performance and efficiency.

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Kinetico Premier Maxi Water Softener

A non-electric, twin-tank semi commercial softener that still delivers all the great benefits of the Premier Compact.

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AquaBlu Water Softener

AquaBlu is a mid-range water softener, ideally suited for houses with one bathroom and a standard combi or gravity fed heating system.

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