How hard is the water in Eastbourne?

Water hardness reading:
275 ppm (very hard)

Eastbourne is awash with hard water.

For anyone living in Eastbourne, unless you have a water softener, your mains water supply will be hard. This is because of the chalky and limestone soils prevalent throughout much of East Sussex and the wider south-east. These soil types are rich in calcium and magnesium minerals. Rainwater is naturally soft, but these minerals have the effect of turning the water hard.

Our skin and hair don’t respond well to hard water. It dries them out and it can aggravate conditions, like eczema and dermatitis. Basically, hard water washes the living daylights out of everything, including laundry.

Worse still, hard water is the chief cause of limescale. Horrible white deposits that form wherever hard water persists – on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, in washing machines, dishwashers, kettles and the like.

The same issues apply to central heating systems; limescale clogs pipework and water tanks. This means boilers have to work increasingly hard to generate the necessary heat and hot water – leaving you with higher fuel bills and a seriously downgraded boiler.

Water softeners provide easy, permanent and cost-effective solutions to all these issues. Beyond your initial outlay, you’ll immediately notice the advantages – reduced energy costs, plus all the day-to-day benefits you’ll appreciate with your washing, cleaning and cooking.

Eastbourne’s water hardness measurement is around 275 parts per million (ppm). Any reading over 200ppm is deemed hard, meaning Eastbourne is well up the league table. A Scott Jenkins water softener in your home will bring that reading down to virtually zero.

Eastbourne – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 31.3 inch or 795mm.

Eastbourne is a seaside resort town, 19 miles east of Brighton and close to Beachy Head, the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain. The Eastbourne seafront is dominated by Victorian hotels, a pier (badly damaged by fire in 2014), a theatre, contemporary art gallery and Napoleonic era fort. In the 2021 census, the population of Eastbourne was 101,700.

Famous people associated with Eastbourne include Lewis Carroll who holidayed there 19 times and has a blue plaque marking the location of his first visit in 1877. George Orwell went to the now closed St Cyprian’s School. Weather forecaster Michael Fish was born and schooled in Eastbourne.

Everest mountaineer George Mallory and famous World War Two fighter pilot Douglas Bader attended Eastbourne prep schools, whilst former Prime Minister, Theresa May, was born in the town.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Eastbourne

Southern Water and South East Water are responsible for the mains water and sewerage services for Eastbourne.

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