How hard is the water in Farlington?

Water hardness reading:
285 ppm (very hard)

Frustratingly, Farlington has very hard water

Farlington, like so many coastal and inland parts of Hampshire, is a haven for hard water. It’s all due to the local chalk and limestone soil, which contains an abundance of magnesium and calcium minerals. Every time naturally soft rainwater seeps into these deposits, they turn the water hard.

If you suffer from dry skin or conditions like eczema and dermatitis, hard water will make them worse. And hair goes all lanky and listless after constant exposure to hard water. Laundry, too, can end up starchy to the touch. Hard water is also the prime cause of limescale, which forever collects on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, as well as in dishwashers, kettles and washing machines. That’s why kettles fur up. The solution to all this grief is to have a water softener installed. Skin, hair, laundry and household appliances simply love softened water.

It’s also worth considering the effect that hard water has on central heating systems. Limescale accumulation can seriously impair a boiler’s performance. The more it collects, the harder the system will have to work to generate sufficient heat and hot water – meaning ever higher energy bills, potentially, the early replacement of your boiler. With soft water in your home, the system should work as good as new for years longer.

Softened water offers so many lifestyle benefits – for all the family. It’s fab for everyday washing, cleaning, cooking and safe to drink, too.

Farlington’s water hardness level hovers around 285 parts per million (ppm). Any reading above 200ppm is considered, so Portchester is well up the rankings. With an efficient and economic Scott Jenkins Water Softener in situ, those readings will drop to virtually nothing.

Farlington – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 34.4 inch or 874mm.

Bordered to the south and east by the A27 and A3 roads, Farlington is a primarily residential district of Portsmouth, located to the north east of the city, forming a continuous development with Cosham and Drayton.
In 1891 a racecourse, called ‘Portsmouth Park’, was built in Farlington, with the intention of turning it into a premier track. However, during World War One, the course was turned into one of the country’s biggest ammunition dumps. In later years, the land was sold for private housing development.

Farlington is also the site of the Portsmouth Water Company’s filtration beds.

Olympic champion Jim Fox lived in Farlington when he won the Olympic gold medal for Modern Pentathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Farlington

Farlington is served by Portsmouth Water.

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