You may have read previous blogs about why limescale is such a scourge for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, not to mention household appliances like kettles.

We’ve offered various cleaning tips as to how you can keep limescale at bay – by using cheaper alternatives to traditional cleaning products, like Mr Muscle and CiF.

Now, we’re delighted to see that some of our cleaning tips have been endorsed by followers of the cleaning guru and influencer, Mrs Hinch. You know the one – the Mrs Hinch who is well-known on TV programmes, like This Morning and who has a big following on Instagram and Facebook. In fact, her books on the cleaning have even been included in the Sunday Times bestseller list. 

Recently, she’s turned her attention to limescale, which is the build-up of calcium carbonate that is present in hard water. It leaves its mark wherever it goes – on sinks and taps, baths, shower heads and glass shower screens. It’s impossible to remove.

Cleaning enthusiast fans of Mrs Hinch have taken to social media to share top tips for getting rid of limescale and one product in particular, Viakal. 

On Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, her followers says it works really well on removing stubborn limescale from shower screens. But, for the best results, to keep the shower cubicle dry after use, to prevent scale from forming in the first place.

One Mrs Hinch fan, called Jasmine, wrote: “Use Viakal. It’s cheap and works in seconds.” The product retails from around two to three pounds, depending on where you shop. 

Another option for targeting limescale, which we’ve also recommended in the past, is to use white vinegar. Made from acetic acid, it’s effective at breaking down grease, grime and limescale. For extra fresh cleaning smell, Mrs Hinch fans suggest mixing it with a lemon or adding neat-scented disinfectant. 

BUT, and it a big BUT, despite Mrs Hinch’s praiseworthy cleaning tips, at the end of the day – no matter what you clean with – limescale will always keep returning. The only way to stop it for good is to get rid of hard water in your home altogether. The only way to do that is to have a water softener installed.  

There’s also another thing to remember about cleaning products, including the ones that Mrs Hinch favours. By their very nature, they are caustic. Take oven cleaners, as an example. Yes, they do a great job of returning surfaces to a nice clean condition. But ultimately, they comprise a whole range of abrasive chemicals which end up being flushed down the sink and back into the mains water system. 

Regardless of how much local water companies do to negate the effects of these chemicals and to make the water supply as contaminant-free as possible, there is only so much they can do. That’s why it pays to give yourself the added safeguard of a first-class reverse osmosis water filtration system, which will flush out 99% of all contaminants left behind in the mains supply. 

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