How often is that you buy a product – credit card companies and computer suppliers come to my mind – but when something goes wrong and you need their assistance, it’s a different story? 

They either don’t want to know, pass the buck or leave you hanging on for ages before you can get through. Or you are expected to send an email but never hear back. This can be especially annoying when shopping online. If there is an issue, it can be really difficult to speak to someone, to fix the problem. Amazon anyone!!! 

So much for being part of an aftercare programme – it makes you feel more like an afterthought!   Their websites might be full of comments from “satisfied” customers. But delve a little deeper – Facebook forums are a great way to get to the bottom of what companies are really like to deal with – and you may well find a very different story from the official narrative.  In terms of our industry, if you find consistent complaints about a particular water softener manufacturer or supplier, this may help you avoid ending up with an inferior product or shoddy service.     

At Scott Jenkins Water Softeners, we always put ourselves in the position of the customer.  Treat others the way you would want to be treated yourself and you aren’t going to go far wrong.  That’s our policy and it seems to work well. 

Put another way, we won’t treat you like a number or statistic. After all, you’ve placed your trust in us, paid good money for that new softener, so you are quite within your rights to expect a prompt and efficient aftercare.   

If things do go wrong, which does happen from time to time even with the best will in the world, then it’s up to us to go that extra mile to put things right. And we will.

To us, no customer is just a number – we really do care. 

As you can see from our Checkatrade reviews, we will always respond quickly to any aftercare enquiry.

As a company, Scott Jenkins Water Softeners are big enough to help out at short notice but not too big that you disappear into the system somewhere!

You won’t be kept waiting in a queue and you won’t be subjected to listening to some annoying music before someone answers your call!

And if you are fed up dealing with another provider who keeps letting you down, we will always try to accommodate new customers who may not necessarily be using water softeners and drinking water systems that we would usually sell.    

We might not be the cheapest but, boy, you do get value for money!  You might pay that little bit more for great service but, as long as you are a Scott Jenkins Water Softeners customer, that’s exactly what we’ll keep delivering – great service. 

Scott Jenkins Water Softeners are one of the leading suppliers in the south-east of England of water softeners, water filters and accessories associated with soft water systems. We cover West and East Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent and London. For all enquiries, call Scott Jenkins Water Softeners on 01243 607494 or email:  Get an instant water softener quote here.