How hard is the water in Woodingdean?

Water hardness reading:
268 ppm (very hard)

Woodingdean water is hard – here’s why

The reason why Woodingdean residents experience hard water – unless they have a water softener – is that this area of East Sussex is prolific in chalky soil. This contains loads of calcium and magnesium minerals, which have the effect of turning naturally soft rainwater hard.

This is not good news for skin and hair. Dry skin is a common enough complaint but hard water can make conditions like eczema and dermatitis worse. You’ll also find yourself washing the living daylights out of your hair and laundry – hair loses its vibrancy and colour when hard water is about, whilst clothes and towels go all starchy and crusty, losing all their softness.

Hard water is also the chief cause of limescale – a massive, re-occurring issue for many households. Unsightly scale deposits turn up anywhere hard water exists – kitchens, bathrooms, household appliances etc. Cleaning will never prevent it.

And don’t forget your poor central heating system. Limescale attaches itself to pipework and water tanks. In time, this erodes a boiler’s energy efficiency and reduces water storage capacity. This means unnecessarily high fuel bills and a boiler with a drastically reduced lifespan. And repairs and replacements don’t come too cheap.

You can prevent all this by having a water softener fitted. This provides a permanent and cost-effective solution that will bring many lifestyle benefits. Softeners are great for everyday washing, cleaning and cooking. And they’ll bring shine time back to your skin and hair. And once you’ve paid for your softener – you’ll be quids in.

The water hardness reading for Woodingdean is 268 parts per million (ppm). This is very high, given that any measurement over 200ppm is considered hard. Having a Scott Jenkins water softener will reduce that reading down to virtually nothing.

Woodingdean – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 18.5 inch or 470mm.

With a population of 9711 at the 2011 census, the largely residential suburb of Woodingdean lies to the east of Brighton and is separated from the main conurbation by downland and the Brighton Racecourse.
Aside from scattered farm buildings, Woodingdean’s earliest buildings were e those of a former workhouse school in Warren Road. This is now the site of the Nuffield Hospital. In the grounds there is a capped site, which is claimed covers the world’s deepest hand-dug well – the Woodingdean Water Well. Excavated in the mid-19th century, with a depth of 1285 ft, it was created to provide water for the workhouse.

Today, what is most significant about Woodingdean is its outstanding views over the Downs to the English Channel and the many walks that have been created in the locale.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Woodingdean

The mains water and sewerage services for Woodingdean are provided by Southern Water and South East Water.

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