Did you know that if you have a water softener you no longer need to fill it with salt or use rinse aid?

Funnily enough, the name rinse aid this really has nothing to do with rinsing your dishes. Instead, it helps remove the water during the drying cycle. So really it is to help with the drying process.

Perhaps “dry aid ” would be better suited.

Rinse aid contains chemicals called surfactants, which lower the surface tension of water. So instead of forming droplets, the water spreads into thinner sheets that roll right off your dishes.

So when you use rinse aid, the items from your dishwasher are coated in chemicals.

Dishwashers have a miniature water softener in built to remove the magnesium and calcium from the water to prevent the glassware and flatware becoming cloudy and chalky.

Once you have a water softener you will not need to spend the time and money on filling the dishwasher with salt and rinse aid. Instead you can just buy the cheapest tablets on offer with no need to buy the more expensive all-in-one tablets.