How hard is the water in Portchester?

Water hardness reading:
275 ppm (very hard)

Portchester is situated in a very hard water area

Like most coastal and inland areas of Hampshire and West Sussex, Portchester is surrounded by hard water. That’s because of the local chalky soil, which is choked with magnesium and calcium mineral deposits. Rainwater is naturally soft but as soon as it reaches the soil underlay and all those hard water causing minerals, you can guess the rest – hey presto, hard water.

Hard water aggravates dry skin, especially conditions like eczema and dermatitis. And hair loses all its lustre and vibrancy if continually exposed to hard water. The same goes for laundry. Just as bad, hardened water is the main reason you get limescale, which constantly collects on kitchen and bathroom surfaces – and in dishwashers and other household appliances. Ever noticed furring in the kettle?

And then there’s the damage that hard water can do to your central heating system. Limescale accumulation seriously impacts a boiler’s performance. As it starts to collect, the system needs to work ever harder to generate sufficient heat and hot water. The result – ever higher energy bills. That’s without the hefty cost of replacing a boiler, years before it should be necessary.

Put an end to all this hassle by having a water softener installed. Skin, hair, laundry and household appliances all adore softened water. Indeed, softened water offers so many lifestyle benefits – for all the family. It’s fab for everyday washing, cleaning, cooking and safe to drink, too. And your central heating will work more efficiently over an extended period of time. All good news.

Portchester’s water hardness level hovers around 275 parts per million (ppm). Any measurement over 200ppm is considered hard, so Portchester is well up the rankings. Have a reliable and cost-effective Scott Jenkins Water Softener fitted and those readings will drop to virtually nothing.

Portchester – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 27.8 inch or 706.12mm.

Portchester is a large village in the Borough of Fareham in Hampshire, four miles north west of Portsmouth on the A27. The road actually cuts through the centre of Portchester, running east to west between Fareham and Cosham. At the 2011 census, Portchester’s population stood at 17,789.

The location’s Portus Adurni fort is considered the best-preserved Roman fort north of the Alps, within which the medieval Portchester Castle was built. Popular open spaces include Portsdown Hill.

Portchester railway station runs services along the coast to Southampton Fareham, Portsmouth, Havant, Chichester and Brighton, and to London Victoria via Barnham.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Portchester

Portchester’s mains and sewerage services are primarily handled by Portsmouth Water.

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