How hard is the water in Chobham?

Water hardness reading:
272 ppm (very hard)

Residents of Chobham have hard water in their mains. Here’s why.

Living in Chobham means you will have hard water persistently coming through your mains supply. It has nothing to do with the rain. Rainwater is naturally soft. The degree of hard water is actually determined by what goes on underground!

Like pretty much everywhere in Surrey, Chobham sits on predominantly porous, limestone soil. This soil type is full of calcium and magnesium minerals. Whenever rainfall seeps into the underlay, these minerals have the effect of turning soft water hard.

Although hard water isn’t harmful, it does have lots of downsides. Take our skin and hair – it dries them out every time we wash. It’s the same with laundry. Hard water negates lather, so you end up using more on shampoos, gels and detergents than necessary.

But there’s more! A bigger issue is that hard water is the prime cause of limescale. Thus, keeping kitchen and bathroom surfaces clear of scale is almost impossible. Even worse, central heating systems really take a pounding.

With hard water in the system, after only a few months of usage, a brand-new boiler and tank will have accumulated heavy amounts of scale. It settles around pipework. This means you’re heating the scale first! As a result, boilers are forced to work ever harder and longer to create the correct amount of hot water. At the same, the tank capacity is diminished because the limescale blocks the water’s path.

So, you end up wasting huge amounts of money on energy – and all the while the lifespan of the boiler itself is being severely shortened – potentially by up to a half. And they are extremely expensive to replace!
The answer has to be a water softener. Once you’ve made your initial investment, you’ll enjoy long-term savings, running into thousands of pounds on energy bills and repair costs. Plus, you’ll spend a lot less on cleaning products. Softened water makes sense in so many ways. Isn’t it time you switched?

Chobham’s water hardness measurement is around 272 parts per million (ppm). Any readings above 200ppm are considered hard – so Chobham is towards the top end of the scale! A high-quality Scott Jenkins Water Softener would reduce that level down to virtually zero.

Chobham – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 22.45inch or 570.23mm.

Chobham is a quaint Surrey village with a population recorded at 3799 at the 2011 census.

The River Bourne runs through the village, which has a small high street area, specialising in traditional trades. Whilst Chobham has a wide range of outlying businesses, it is probably best known for its production of Chobham armour, arising from the development of a tank factory and testing ground.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Chobham

If you live in Chobham, your water and sewerage services will be supplied by Thames Water.

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