About Scott Jenkins

My name is Scott Jenkins. I was a plumber by trade and started my own plumbing company in 2002. The business grew successfully over the course of the next 10 years.

Being a plumber is actually a major advantage if you are in the water treatment business. In fact, the two go hand in hand, although I didn’t realise quite how much, until a life changing experience.

A big wake-up call

In 2012, my daughter Maisie was born with eczema. But it was only when I installed a water softener at home to help her condition that I was struck by the dramatic effect water can have; Maisie’s eczema went away and has never returned. It felt like a miracle.

After that, I started spreading the word about the wonders of soft water. Demand from my customers grew rapidly and, before I knew it, water softeners had taken over my entire bathroom showroom! So I decided that it would make sense to focus all my attention on these wonderful inventions. And that’s how SJ Water Softeners came into being.

World class products

I take pride in being accredited to install and maintain water softeners and water filters for many of the leading manufacturers not just in the Uk but world-wide; Kinetico, EcoWater and Harveys. Between them, their products offer everything the modern household needs in the way of safe, efficient, user-friendly and cost effective soft water solutions.

Today, SJ Water Softeners provide a comprehensive range of services for customers in towns and villages across West Sussex, stretching from Worthing, inland to Chichester and Arundel, all the way up to Crawley and, heading into Hampshire, from Portsmouth on the coast as far north as Petersfield. Wherever you live, we won’t let you down. We take pride in offering great advice, based on years of experience. And you’ll find we respond quickly, too.

A message to all our customers

I am now installing at a rate of over 300 water softeners per year – and demand is growing. Demand is now greater than ever. I put this down to the fact that I focus on providing you with unbiased views and opinions on products. I like to think of myself as an educator rather than a water softener salesman. As long as you get the truth and accurate information, then that is really all that matters to me. Transparency and honesty is the cornerstone to the success our business.

Our water softeners are trusted by the following commercial customers...

Installed in the Royal Suite at Buckingham Palace

Preventing scale in hot water systems as the chain expands

Installing water softeners for NHS Home Kidney Dialysis

Delivering soft water to London’s most luxurious hotel