How hard is the water in Hurstpierpoint?

Water hardness reading:
220 ppm (moderately to very hard)

Hard Water is prominent in Hurstpierpoint

If you live in Hurstpierpoint, you’ll encounter hard water in your mains supply. It’s not the fault of the rainwater in the area, which is naturally soft. The water hardness is due to the chalky and limestone bedrocks that dominate the region. These rocks contain an abundance of hard water-causing magnesium and calcium minerals. Once rain seeps into the rock, these minerals have the effect of changing soft water hard.

For Hurstpierpoint residents, the best way to avoid hard water is by having a water softener installed. You’ll notice the benefits straightaway. Skin and hair love soft water; it helps retain their natural moistness and vibrancy – and it’s the perfect answer to unpleasant skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema. Laundry, too, appreciates softened water, leaving clothes and linen feeling soft to the touch.

The limescale that collects on kitchen and bathroom surfaces is also caused by hard water. Water softeners will completely clear the scale build-up, stopping it from amassing in washing machines, kettles and dishwashers, around baths, sinks and on showers screens. It makes cleaning so much easier. Worse still, hard water created limescale can play havoc with central heating systems. It clogs up pipework and water tanks, meaning you keep using far more (expensive) energy to generate sufficient heat and hot water. Softened water = lower fuel bills. What’s more, your boiler will be less prone to breakdowns and earlier than necessary replacement.

The water hardness measurement for Hurstpierpoint sits at around 220 parts per million (ppm), which is considered hard. Anything above 100 ppm is best avoided. A cost-effective Scott Jenkins Water Softener will reduce water hardness pretty much altogether.

Hurstpierpoint – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 22.55inch or 572.7mm.

Hurstpierpoint is a mid-Sussex village with a population of just over 7000, which lies four miles southwest of Burgess Hill and 1.5 miles west of Hassocks railway station.

The village used to be primarily one long street running east and west comprising 18th and 19th century buildings. Since the turn of the millennium, however, Hurstpierpoint has undergone significant new development. The annual Hurst Festival takes place every summer and there are active Scouts and Guides Groups.

Established in 1962, The Hurstpierpoint Society, is a widely backed village organisation with over 1,300 members. Brighton and Hove Albion FC captain, Lewis Dunk, has lived in Hurst since 2016.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Hurstpierpoint

The mains water and sewerage services for Hurstpierpoint are under the management of Southern Water.

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