Water Softener installations in the South of England

We are accredited installers for the biggest names in water softeners and water filters – Kinetico, EcoWater and Harveys, providing supremely satisfying soft water solutions for households across East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

Free tap & filter with every installation

Throughout September & October 2021 we're offering all new customers a free tap and filter worth £120 with every installation.

Cutback on cleaning

Household cleaning products work more effectively with soft water - keeping surfaces looking shinier, more wholesome and grime-free. Less elbow grease!

Sensationally soft hair

Say goodbye to limp and frizzy hair. You won't believe how soft your hair can feel with softened water! 

Longer-lasting appliances

An end to furring and limescale. Everyday household staples, like dishwashers, kettles and irons love soft water.

Lots more bubbles

There’s nothing better than washing and bathing in softened water – it’s always a lovely bubbly, luxurious experience!

Softer laundry

Clothes and towels will feel soft to the touch and stay looking as good as new for longer.

Perfect pipework

By eradicating destructive limescale, soft water enables boilers and radiators to perform reliably for years and years.

A better cuppa

Soft water = incredible tasting tea and coffee! You will use less tea or coffee to make the same strength of brew. Not only that, you won't get any scum forming on top.

Save money on bills

Of course, you will have the initial expense of having the water softener installed. But once it’s in place, you’ll start to make savings on your household bills straightaway.

Annual servicing

We also offer cost-saving annual servicing – what could be more inviting!

Hard water vs soft water –
What’s the difference?

We whole-heartedly believe in price transparency! Please take a look at our price guide so you can decide if a water softener is for you…

One visit – and one visit only – is all it takes!

We only need to attend the once to install your new water softener.


Save on pre-inspection visits and surveys


Everything can be arranged on delivery day – for your maximum convenience


We carry all the equipment we could possibly need on the van – saving you any unnecessary time and expense

Before you know it, you’ll be the owner of a sensational soft water system!

Installed in the Royal Suite at Buckingham Palace

Preventing scale in hot water systems as the chain expands

Installing water softeners for NHS Home Kidney Dialysis

Delivering soft water to London’s most luxurious hotel

Darlington Court care home had a softener installed recently

Beautiful food, beer and soft water for The Chantry

A highly reviewed Italian restaurant know the benefits soft water can bring

Cheswood Lee Apartments in Worthing have soft water on tap

Soft water for this forward-thinking restaurant & bar

University of Chichester are loving the benefits soft water can bring

Don’t just take our word for it!

Highly recommend! I spoke to Kristie on the phone who was an absolute pleasure to talk to. Scott carried out the installation to a very tidy and high standard. Very knowledgeable and I was given all the information I need.
Excellent customer service. Thank you so much.

Red Rapunzel

We’ve had our water softener installed for around 3 years now. Scott gave us excellent service from the beginning and continues to do so with 6 monthly deliveries of salt blocks. Water is lovely.. no more lime scale which is amazing! If you’re wondering if it’s a good idea , just go for it! Call Scott.. Lovely guy, v personable & professional and responds very quickly to emails or texts. A***** 🤩

Kate Gardner-Cliff

We had our Kinetico water softener and K5+ water filter installed 2 years back and we are very happy with the performance so far. Scott and his team is very professional, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Their response time is also great even to silly queries that a not so expert like me might have. We highly recommend Scott Jenkins Water Softeners.

Prasanta Bhowmik

We had our water softener installed a week ago. I have to say it has made such a difference compared to the very hard water we have endured over the years. Water tastes better, Items out of the dishwasher are much more shiny, we don’t need so much shampoo when showering and skin feels softer.
We did water tests before and after installation and within one day the test results showed from very hard water to soft.
Scott the installer was very professional, friendly and had a great knowledge of water softeners. He advised us on the best water softener for our needs. We would highly recommend his company.

Iwona Q

Scott recently supplied and installed an EcoWater Evolution Refiner Power system in our home. We are happy with the improvement in our water quality. The overall experience has been very good. Scott visited to advise us on the most suitable machine for our household and also liaised with our plumber to ensure the correct connections to and from the system. Communications throughout were good – we knew what to expect and when. The installation went pretty smoothly, taking a little longer than expected because, on checking the initial set-up, Scott found a small problem causing a slight leak but he made sure that that was resolved to his own satisfaction before he left. After-sales support seems strong too – Scott has stayed in touch, however we have not needed anything to date. Recommended!

Graeme Duckworth

Scott is an exceptional professional. The entire process from booking to installation was a breeze, professional, quick and very tidy! The impact of having softened water and filtered drinking water has been phenomenal. One of the household members suffers from psoriasis and eczema and the difference has been amazing.

Scott was a pleasure to meet and we felt safe with his workmanship, knowledge and genuineness. We are so pleased that we have gotten to know Scott and the team – five stars!