We are proud of the water softeners we sell and are always delighted to recommend them to our customers.

So, it is always good to see independent, third-party reviews from respected magazines, like Good Homes, who’ve recently given a big thumbs-up to one of our best-selling softeners.

Their team critiqued the Kinetico Premier Compact water softener that was operating in a house with two bathrooms and located in a hard water area. They didn’t specify where exactly, but it could easily have been a property in West Sussex, East Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey – big hard water areas that we cover.  

The key Kinetico Premier Compact product highlights from the Good Homes review were:

  • Nice and quiet and you get clean shower doors from the soft water 
  • Remarkable impact on hair and skin
  • Transformational for child eczema
  • Cuts down on detergent and elevates the feel of laundry
  • Daily regeneration with salt top once a month on average
  • Installation – quick, easy and no mess
  • Minimal upkeep – nothing to do maintenance-wise
  • 10-year warranty on parts for peace of mind 

The Good Homes team said they would definitely recommend the product, observing: “The product is clearly market leading – and the unique patented Kinetico technology gives it a superior quality, with superb results. 

Their conclusion:

“The product is more than worthy of a Good Homes Approved endorsement. It provides a simple yet dramatic change to one’s lifestyle, delivered and installed by professionals, with results that far exceeded initial expectations – 5 stars.”

You can read the full article here.

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