How hard is the water in Rustington?

Water hardness reading:
279 ppm (very hard)

Living in Rustington means you’ll experience hard water. Here’s why.

Like much of West Sussex, especially along the coast, the mains water supply in Rustington is hard. Don’t blame the rainwater – this is naturally soft! The problem is the soil in the ground.

Rustington is settled on predominantly chalky soil, rich in magnesium and calcium minerals. As soon as rainfall seeps into this underlay, these minerals change the water from soft to hard.

For Rustington homeowners who would rather not have a constant flow of hard water, the savvy decision would be to have a water softener fitted. You’ll see the advantages immediately! Our skin and hair love softened water. They stay naturally soft, shiny and vibrant looking. Laundry, too, doesn’t have that horrible starchy feel when soft water is in the system.

Hard water is also the primary reason behind limescale build-up. Thankfully, however, water softeners are ruthlessly efficient at removing scale, stopping it from accumulating in household appliances, like washing machines, kettles and dishwashers, as well as pipework. They all function way better with soft water on the go. And cleaning kitchens and bathrooms is a cinch and far less costly because surfaces stay shiny and it takes less detergent for the required effect. Your money also goes further if you have soft water coursing through your household boiler, because the boiler won’t accumulate any limescale, making it far more energy efficient. Hard water is the quickest way to downgrade your heating systems – and boilers are extremely expensive to replace!

The water hardness reading for Rustington pans out at 279 parts per million (ppm). Given that any measurement above 200ppm is deemed to be hard, Rustington’s reading is right up there in terms of the water hardness scale.

Rustington – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 23.70inch or 601.98mm.

Rustington is a small town – with a population of approximately 14,000 – in the Arun District of West Sussex, midway between the county town of Chichester and Brighton. The A259 runs along the north of Rustington, west to Littlehampton, Bognor Regis and Chichester, and east to Worthing and Brighton. Rustington has all the facilities of a small town, including a shopping area consisting of independent and chain stores.
At Eastertime 2002 to publicise Rustington, local baker Paul Pegrum created the world’s biggest hot cross bun. It weighed 94.4 lb and had a diameter of 4 ft 4 in.

Two world air speed records were set over Rustington sea front. In 1946, Group Captain Teddy Donaldson, flying a Gloster Meteor Star, became the first man to exceed 1000 km/h. Seven years later Squadron Leader Neville Duke, flying a Hawker Hunter WB188 reached 1170.9 km/h.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Rustington

For Rustington homes, the mains water and sewerage services are supplied by of Southern Water.

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