How hard is the water in Henfield?

Water hardness reading:
240 ppm (moderately hard)

Henfield has its fair share of hard water. Here’s why…

Henfield is a haven for hard water. The reason is all down to the type of chalky and limestone soil, commonplace throughout much of West and East Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. These soil types contain plenty of calcium and magnesium mineral deposits, which have the effect of turning naturally soft rainwater hard.

Although not harmful, hard water isn’t the best advert for lovely soft skin and hair. In fact, it causes dry skin and aggravates conditions like eczema and dermatitis. Hair can go lank and lifeless with too much exposure to hard water and laundry tends to finish up all starchy. Additionally, hard water creates horrible limescale, which collects on any wet surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. It also accumulates in household appliances, like dishwashers and washing machines. That’s why kettles fur up. No matter how often you clean, all the time hard water is around, the scale will keep returning.

Central heating systems can bear the brunt of scale build up, seriously downgrading perfectly serviceable boilers and resulting in much reduced energy efficiency.

The best way to prevent all this to have a water softener installed in your home. This will provide a multitude of lifestyle benefits. Softened water is superb for everyday washing, cleaning and cooking. And your skin and hair will be forever grateful. Celebrate with a bubble bath.

The water hardness level for Henfield sits at around 240 parts per million (ppm), not as hard as some coastal areas of Sussex but well above the 200ppm level considered hard. By investing in a top-quality Scott Jenkins water softener that reading will plummet to virtually zero.

Henfield – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 28.04 inch or 712.22mm.

Henfield is a busy and attractive village in the Horsham District of West Sussex, about 12 miles northwest of Brighton and 30 miles northeast of the county town of Chichester. In the 2011 census, Henfield registered 5,349 residents.

Just to the west of the village, the two branches of the River Adur join up at Betley Bridge, from where it flows onto Shoreham by Sea and the English Channel.

Henfield boasts one of the oldest cricket clubs in the world, dating back to 1771 and also has the oldest official Scout group in the country, formed in 1907.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Henfield 

The mains water and sewerage services for Henfield are supplied by Southern Water.

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