How hard is the water in Petworth?

Water hardness reading in Petworth:
255 ppm (very hard)

Ever considered why water in Petworth is hard? This is why.

Petworth, like so much of West Sussex, has a steady flow of hard water coming through the mains supply. It’s not the fault of the rain, since rainwater is naturally soft. It’s what goes on beneath our feet that’s the main culprit!

With Petworth sitting on chiefly chalky, porous soil – which features calcium and magnesium minerals – whenever it rains, these minerals have the effect of turning the water from soft to hard.

Although hard water isn’t inherently dangerous, it is responsible for plenty of negative outcomes. Take skin and hair, for instance. The more you wash them, the drier they become – not healthy. And laundry feels harsh to the touch when continually subjected to hard water. You also end up using far more shampoos, gels and detergents than you should.

Worse still, hard water is the primary cause of limescale. That’s why it’s impossible to keep kitchen and bathroom surfaces looking clean and shiny. And then there’s your central heating system…

A brand-new boiler and water tank will collect alarming amounts of scale – within just a few months. It masses all around the pipework, meaning you end up heating the scale before the hot water – which is ridiculous! The water tank capacity is also gradually diminished because great chunks of scale congest where the water should be stored.
This is all very costly, because you’re throwing money away on needless energy use. Plus, with hard water around, the lifespan of your boiler could be reduced from around 15 years to just seven. And they are extremely expensive to replace.

Water softeners immediately solve all these problems. After your initial investment, you’ll benefit from thousands of pounds of savings on energy costs and repair bills. And you’ll spend less on cleaning products. The lifestyle benefits from softened water are immense!

The water hardness level for Petworth is measured at around 255 parts per million (ppm). Any reading over 200ppm is deemed hard – so Petworth registers pretty high! A water softener from Scott Jenkins would see that level plummet to almost zero.

Petworth – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 28.8 inch or 732mm.

Petworth is a quaint West Sussex town, full of antiques outlets and tea shops. It is located at the junction of the A272 east–west road from Heathfield in East Sussex to Winchester in Hampshire and the A283 Milford to Shoreham-by-Sea road. Chichester lies 12 miles to the south-west. At the 2011 Census, Petworth’s population was 3,027.

The parish is the site of the 17th-century stately home Petworth House, now owned and run by the National Trust. The grounds, which are known as Petworth Park, were designed by Capability Brown.

Mains and Sewerage in Petworth

If you live in Petworth, Southern Water provide the mains water and sewerage services.

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