How hard is the water in Purbrook?

Water hardness reading:
270 ppm (very hard)

Purbrook residents have to put up with hard water

Living in Purbrook means the likelihood is you’ll experience hard water in your mains supply. The reason is the chalky soil, present throughout this area of Hampshire. The chalk contains loads of hard water-causing calcium and magnesium minerals. Rainfall is naturally soft but once it seeps into the soil, the mineral content turns the water hard.

Hard water is bad news if you suffer from dry skin or conditions like eczema and dermatitis. Its harshness aggravates underlying issues. Neither is it good for hair or laundry. Hair loses vibrancy and washing can go all stiff, starchy and colourless when constantly exposed to hard water.

Do you notice limescale in your home? That’s caused by hard water. Scale will keep showing up in your kitchen, bathroom and in household appliances. No matter how diligent you are with cleaning, the scale will keep returning, wherever hard water is present.

And as for your poor old central heating system…. With hard water around, limescale will build up in the pipework and water tank, gradually reducing boiler energy efficiency and water storage capacity. This will shrink the boiler’s lifespan (expensive to replace) and, in the short term, leave you with unnecessarily high fuel bills.

What’s the answer? Have a water softener installed. It’s an immediate and long solution to all the downsides of having hard water. Softened water offers a wealth of cost-effective lifestyle benefits. It’s great for everyday washing, cleaning and cooking – and your skin and hair will be ever grateful.

The water hardness level in Purbrook, at 270 parts per million (ppm), is very hard, given any reading above 200ppm is recognised as hard. A value-for-money Scott Jenkins water softener will bring that reading down to virtually zero.

Purbrook – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 29.89 inch or 759.21mm.

With a population recorded at 9171 during the 2011 census, Purbrook is a thriving Hampshire village, located on the outskirts of Waterlooville just north of the Portsmouth. Purbrook actually account for nearly 8% of Havant borough’s population.

Its name is a corruption of the name ‘Pucanbroc’, which means the brook of the water-sprite.

Early in the 19th century, a windmill was built in Purbrook and Purbrook Church followed in 1858. Purbrook Park House was built in 1770 and today is used as a Language College.

There is also a popular recreation ground known as Purbrook Heath. Fort Purbrook is another top attraction, located just off Portsdown Hill and home to an activity centre for archery, indoor rock climbing and rifle shooting.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Purbrook

The mains water and sewerage services for Purbrook are under the management of Portsmouth Water.

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