Dear Customer 

It pays to have a Water Softener from Scott Jenkins!  

As a valued customer, we’d firstly like to say thank you for choosing Scott Jenkins Water Softeners to supply your soft water system. Water softeners can make dramatic improvements to our everyday lives and we are confident that you will enjoy many years of fantastic use from your installation.     

Now that you have been able to see from personal experience how great it is to have soft water, if your friends/family members are still in the hard water camp, why not tell them about what they are missing out on?  

If you make any referrals which lead to an installation, you’ll be in line for a year’s supply of free salt for your water softener. Can’t be bad, can it! 

But you needn’t stop at just one recommendation. For every subsequent referral made that leads to an installation, we will provide you with free replacement equipment, such as filters and cartridges. Or if you would prefer, how about a £50 John Lewis or M&S voucher? 

You can make as many referrals as you wish – the more that materialise, the more you’ll be rewarded!  

Soft water provides so many benefits in the home – the more people who get to know about the advantages that water softeners can bring, the better. Would you ever go back to hard water – surely not! So, don’t be shy, start recommending Scott Jenkins Water Softeners today – and we will certainly make it worth your while! 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes, Scott and the Team

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