How hard is the water in Sompting?

Water hardness reading:
272 ppm (very hard)

Sompting residents are subjected to hard water. This is the reason.

For as long as it’s been raining, the water in Sompting has been hard.

Not because of rainfall. Rain is naturally. But, like much of West Sussex, Sompting sits on mainly porous, chalky soil that is rich in calcium and magnesium minerals. When rain reaches the soil, the minerals get to work and make the water hard.

As you may have experienced, this isn’t great for skin and hair, as it dries them out the more you wash. And try getting a nice lather with gels and shampoos – it’s impossible with hard water. Your laundry is also prone to feeling stiff and starchy. To add insult, you end up paying more for all your cleaning products because you get through them that much more quickly.

Worse still, hard water creates limescale. That’s why it’s so difficult to keep kitchen and bathroom surfaces looking clean and shiny. The scale just keeps on coming back.

Of even bigger concern is what hard water inflicts upon your central heating system. The scale build up will cause problematic build-up within just a matter of months, settling in boilers and water tanks, meaning the boiler has to work ever harder to generate the necessary amount of heat and hot water. And we all know how extortionate energy bills are currently. Worryingly, the boiler’s lifespan could be cut in half. In time, as well, the amount of hot water the tank will be capable of storing will be reduced because take the place of the water.
The easy, permanent and cost-effective solution is to have a water softener installed. After paying for the initial investment, you’ll end up saving a packet on reduced energy costs and repair bills. Plus, softened water is simply delightful to have in the home. And your skin and hair will be for ever thankful.

The water hardness level in Sompting is 272 parts per million (ppm). Anything above 200ppm is said to be hard – so Sompting registers well up the scale. Have a Scott Jenkins water softener fitted in your home and that reading will reduce to virtually zero.

Sompting – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 32.52 inch or 826mm.

Sompting is a village that lies between Worthing and Lancing in West Sussex at the foot of the South Downs National Park. At the 2011 census, the population of Sompting stood at 8561.

Its main landmark from the nearby A27 is the Church of St Mary the Blessed Virgin. It’s a Grade I-listed Anglo-Saxon and Norman church built by the Saxons around 960AD. The church tower features a four-sided gabled pyramidal cap, not seen anywhere else in England.

In the western part of the parish lies the Sompting Gap, a protected area that lies between Sompting and Worthing. This area was formerly an inlet of the sea.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Sompting

If you live in Sompting your mains water and sewerage services come under the control of Southern Water.

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