How hard is the water in Salvington?

Water hardness reading:
245 ppm (moderately hard)

There’s no salvation from hard water in Salvington

Unless you have a water softener already fitted in your property, residents of Salvington are faced with hard water permanently flowing through the mains. It’s all down to the soil beneath our feet. Primarily of chalk and clay, it is rich in calcium and magnesium minerals. Whenever it rains, the naturally soft rainwater seeps into the chalky underlay and, Bob’s your Uncle, it turns hard.

Not that hard is dangerous, because it isn’t. But it can cause dry skin and aggravate conditions like eczema and dermatitis. Washing hair constantly in hard water will tend it make it lank and lifeless and laundry comes out of the washing machine feeling starchy to the touch – not nice and soft. Hard water is also the chief cause of limescale. That horrible scaly build-up that forms around taps, in sinks and baths and on shower screens. It also collects in dishwashers, washing machines and the bottom of kettles as white furry stuff. All the time you have hard water, no matter how frequently you clean, limescale will keep showing up.

Then there is your central heating system. The scale accumulates in pipework and in the water tank. Give it a year and it can seriously affect the performance of your boiler, which has to work ever harder to generate the correct amount of heat and hot water. All this means unnecessarily high fuel bills and a boiler that will have its natural life span drastically cut.

You can avoid all this grief by having a water softener fitted. Once paid for, simply sit back and enjoy all the lifestyle benefits and on-going savings associated with soft water. It’s the biz for everyday washing, cleaning and cooking – and superb for and healthy-looking skin and shiny vibrant hair.

In Salvington you’ll find the water hardness measurement is around 245 parts per million (ppm). Given that anything above 200ppm is regarded as hard, you can see that Salvington is a magnet for pretty hard water. Have a cost-effective Scott Jenkins water softener installed and that reading will drop down to practically zero.

Salvington – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 26.52inch or 673.61mm.

Salvington is a neighbourhood of Worthing, situated about 2 miles north-west of the town centre, just north of the A27. At the 2011 census, the population was registered at 8893. The name Salvington is thought to mean ‘Seawolf’s farmstead’.

Salvington is probably best known as the birthplace of the jurist and antiquarian, John Selden, in 1584. Salvington is also home to ‘Old Sussex House’ in Salvington Road, a 16th-century listed building. In its attic is thought to be the last cockfighting pen in Sussex.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Salvington 

Salvington’s mains water and sewerage services are controlled by Southern Water.

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