We’re delighted to announce that we are now an accredited installer for Qettle taps. 

Proud to be adding Qettle to our premium product range, it’s a win-win situation for our customers! When you book your appointment to have your new water softener installed, or when we are attending to carry out an annual service, we can accessorise your kitchen with an amazing, all-in-one Qettle tap. 

A family run business – just like SJ Water Softeners 

Qettle can take much of the credit for turning the humble tap into a multi-purpose, designer product fit to grace any kitchen.  

The Qettle success story is one that’s been built around a strong family foundation. And this resonated with us, because the SJ Water Softeners business also prides itself on being a family-run concern. 

Yes, it’s true that Qettle has been around a lot longer than we have – 45 years to be precise – but we also have every intention of being here for the long run.

What makes Qettle taps so appealing?

In a word – innovation. Qettle were instrumental in designing the first 3 in 1 tap. This has progressed to 4 in 1 functionality, whereby you not only receive on-demand 100˚C boiling water and cold filtered water, you also can benefit from standard hot and cold flows.    

Caring for taps and sinks – here’s why water softeners have a huge part to play   

Throughout much of southern England, especially in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent and London, hard water is ever present. It’s a real nuisance! If you’ve ever experienced limescale build up around your taps and sinks, that’s because of hard water. As well as causing discolouration to surfaces, leaving them bereft of sparkle and shine, over time it will also have a significant impact on your energy costs and downgrade the performance of household appliances.   

Unless you have a water softener in place, whether your Qettle tap is producing hot or cold water, the water will still be hard. And that persistent flow of hardened water will also negate the tap’s performance – and make it tougher to keep it looking clean and pristine.    

To make sure your Qettle product stays in tip top condition, it’s advisable to have a water softener installed.

Is it possible to connect my Qettle tap to a water softener?

Indeed, it is!  

At SJ Water Softeners, our entire range of water softeners and water filtration products all are compatible with Qettle taps. This means you can have a water softener fitted to remove hard water and, at the same time, have a water filter to provide you with drinking water on tap – all routed via your Qettle.    

And if you already own a Qettle, on the basis that the water pressure is adequate (we’ll check this for you), then we have everything you need to enjoy a first-class bespoke soft water solution to meet your household needs.   

Below are some photos of Qettle tap installations we’ve done for our customers recently:

Next steps…

It isn’t essential to have a water softener if you wish to have a Qettle tap installed. Nevertheless, introducing soft water into the equation will not only offer a whole raft of lifestyle benefits, it will also ensure your Qettle investment is properly protected. By removing limescale from your home, your fashionable tap and all its working parts will remain in excellent working order for much, much longer. To book your installation, call us today on 01243 607494 or email: scott@sjbs.info

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