How hard is the water in Westhampnett?

Water hardness reading:
230 ppm (moderately hard)

The water is hard in Westhampnett

If you are a resident of Westhampnett – unless you have a water softener – you’ll be faced with hard water. It’s caused by the soil type, which is chalky and abundant with calcium and magnesium minerals. When rainwater seeps into the soil, these minerals turn the naturally soft rainwater hard.

Hard water isn’t dangerous but it’s bad for dry skin and conditions like eczema and dermatitis. It also washes the living daylights out of your hair and tends to make laundry go starchy. And don’t mention limescale. Hard water is the main cause of that horrible scaly build up you get around taps, on shower screens, in sinks and baths. It also collects in household appliances, like dishwashers, washing machines and kettles. As long as you have hard water, limescale will keep returning.

Regarding your central heating system, within a few short months of being exposed to hard water, you’ll find limescale sticking to pipework and collecting in the water tank. Over time, this will seriously impact the boiler’s performance and result in using more energy than necessary to generate the necessary amount of heat and hot water – meaning higher bills and a boiler that’ll need replacing way before its time.

Water softeners wash away all this hassle. Once paid for, you’ll enjoy super savings and enjoy loads of lifestyle benefits. Soft water is great for washing, cleaning and cooking – and your skin and hair will be ever thankful.

Westhampnett’s water hardness reading is typically around 230ppm. This is consistently hard, since all measurements over 200ppm are regarded as being hard. The solution is to have a cost-effective Scott Jenkins water softener installed. That will bring the reading down to practically zero.

Westhampnett – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 27.82 inch or 706.63mm.

Westhampnett is a pre-Norman village, with a population of just over 700 residents, located about one mile north east of Chichester. Given its age, Westhampnett has many historic listed buildings, including St Peter’s Saxon church, the burial site of three bishops of Chichester.

Much of the famous Goodwood estate, with its motor-racing circuit, its former World War II fighter base airfield and race course are contained within the Westhampnett parish.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Westhampnett 

The mains water and sewerage services for Westhampnett are under the control of Southern Water or Portsmouth Water.

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