Life is full of coincidences and how about this one? It turns out that our engineer, Luke, was born in the same town (Epsom in Surrey), in the same hospital and went to the same school as Scott Jenkins himself – albeit a few years apart!

You couldn’t make it up – and we haven’t! It’s absolutely true!

Since he joined us as a trainee in 2021, 28-year-old Luke has truly hit the ground running. We normally reckon on it taking a good six months for our engineers to really get to know the ropes but, in Luke’s case, he had become an oven-ready water softener fitter and serviceman inside just three months.

It clearly helped that, prior to joining to Scott Jenkins Water Softeners, he worked for a plumbing company handling high-end installations in places like Canary Wharf in London. An NVQ Level 3 accredited plumber he was, therefore, already on the right career path before becoming part of our team.

Modest and unassuming, Luke has quickly positioned himself as a reliable and extremely competent engineer.

Said Scott: “I couldn’t believe it when Luke told me where he came from – then the whole story came out. I moved away from Epsom many years ago and founded the business in Barnham, West Sussex. As it turned out, Luke has now settled in Lavant near Chichester, but we both have that connection.

“Like me, Luke’s initial trade was plumbing. He’s quickly become a key member of our team, using his skills and qualifications to the maximum, providing our water softener customers with a high level of competence and professionalism,” said Scott.