How hard is the water in Twyford?

Water hardness reading:
272 ppm (very hard)

Twyford experiences hard water

Living in Twyford means you’ll have hard water coming through the mains supply. This is due to the chalky soil throughout this part of Hampshire, rich in calcium and magnesium minerals, which have the effect of turning naturally soft rainwater hard.

Our skin and hair hate hard water. It encourages dryness, aggravating conditions like dermatitis and eczema. With hard water present, good luck with keeping hair looking shiny and vibrant and avoiding laundry going starchy and drained of colour.

Another big downside is that hard water is the main reason you get limescale build-up. It collects wherever hard water is present – in kitchens, bathrooms and household appliances. And it’s nigh on impossible to get rid of it, all the time you use hard water.

Arguably worst of all, is the limescale damage hard water does to central heating systems. It attaches itself to pipework and water tanks. This undermines boiler energy efficiency and reduces water storage capacity. The result is the boiler has to work ever harder to generate the required amounts of heat and hot water, resulting in higher than necessary fuel bills and a downgraded boiler that may see only half its natural lifespan.

Having a water softener provides a one-stop, long-term solution to all these problems. Softened water offers so many lifestyle benefits. For your everyday washing, cleaning and cooking, water softeners are a delight. And your skin and hair will be extremely appreciative.

At 272 parts per million (ppm), Twyford has a very high water-hardness reading – given any measurement over 200ppm is considered hard. That figure can be reduced to virtually zero with an efficient Scott Jenkins water softener in your home.

Twyford – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 37.8 inch or 781.81mm.

Twyford is Hampshire village, approximately three miles south of Winchester near Twyford Down and the M3 motorway. The population of the parish was 1,456 at the 2001 census. Twyford is located on the left bank of the River Itchen, which passes through nearby water meadows that have been economically important to the local area.

About a mile east of the village is the Twyford Waterworks, a preserved pumping station and waterworks, which is a scheduled monument that now operates as a museum.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Twyford

The mains water and sewerage services for Twyford are handled by Southern Water.

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