How hard is the water in Saltdean?

Water hardness reading:
274 ppm (very hard)

The water supply in Saltdean is hard. Here’s why.

If you live in Saltdean, you’ll be aware that the mains water is extremely hard. It’s little wonder, given the amount of chalky underlay in the soil. Whenever it rains, the water seeps into the soil, which is rich in hard water causing minerals, like calcium and magnesium, that turn naturally soft water hard.

Hard water is bad for your skin and hair. It simply dries them out. And it’s a pest for keeping a nice lather from gels and shampoos. Washing powders and detergents also have a hard time. That’s why laundry always feels starchy and lifeless when it comes out of the machine.

Even worse is that hard water creates limescale. It collects anywhere that hard water is present. No matter how much you keep kitchen and bathroom surfaces clean and shiny, the scale will never stop returning.

Hard water will also have a big impact on your central heating system. Limescale settles in boilers and water tanks, which means the boiler has to continuously battle to generate the necessary amount of heat and hot water for your home. The result is that your fuel bills are unnecessarily high plus the boiler’s lifespan could be cut in half. And they are mighty expensive to replace.

If you are concerned, there is an easy, permanent and cost-effective solution to all this – have a water softener installed. Once you’ve covered the initial outlay, you won’t just save a packet on reduced energy costs and repair bills. On a day-to-day basis, you can enjoy all the benefits that soft water provides. It’s great for washing, cleaning and cooking. Just see the positive difference it will make to your skin and hair.

In Saltdean, the water hardness level registers around 274 parts per million (ppm). A reading above 200ppm is considered and 300 is exceptionally hard. So Saltdean certainly suffers from hard water. By having a Scott Jenkins water softener fitted in your home, that reading will plummet to virtually zero.

Saltdean – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 28.96 inch or 735.58mm.

Saltdean is a prosperous coastal village five miles east of Brighton and Hove, five miles west of Newhaven and 6 miles south of Lewes. It is bordered by farmland and the South Downs National Park.

Originally part of neighbouring Rottingdean, Saltdean has a mainly shingle beach, fronted by a promenade, the Undercliff Walk. This can be accessed directly from the cliff top and continues all the way to the Palace Pier in Brighton. Saltdean’s most famous building is the iconic Grade II listed art deco style open air swimming pool complex and community centre.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Saltdean

Saltdean properties have their mains water and sewerage services supplied by Southern Water.

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