How hard is the water in Goring by Sea?

Water hardness reading:
282 ppm (very hard)

Living in Goring by Sea means you’ll have hard water. Here’s why.

Like just about everywhere else in West Sussex, if you live in Goring by Sea (or Goring), you’ll know exactly what hard water is! It’s what flows constantly through the mains supply. Not because rainwater is naturally hard – it’s actually soft. The reason is the soil beneath our feet.

Goring sits on chiefly chalky soil, full of calcium and magnesium minerals. Once the rain seeps into this underlay, these minerals get to work and transform the water from soft to hard.

For Goring residents who don’t take kindly to persistently hard water, the savvy choice is to have a water softener in your property. You’ll see the benefits – just like that! Our skin and hair adore soft water. It maintains their natural softness and shiny and vibrant look. Laundry also retains its softness once soft water is flowing through the washing machine.

With hard water, you’ll notice never-ending limescale. It’s gets everywhere – on surfaces, in household appliances and your central heating system, seriously impacting appearance and performance. Thankfully, water softeners are great at getting shot of scale build-up, stopping it from accumulating where water flows and collects. Cleaning kitchens and bathrooms becomes much less like hard work and less expensive, because you won’t use up detergents nearly as fast. Your money will also stretch further with soft water coursing through your boiler. Since it won’t accumulate any scale, it will immediately be far more energy efficient. Conversely, hard water dramatically downgrades heating systems and boilers. Not ideal, when boilers are very expensive pieces of kit to repair and replace!

Goring’s water hardness reading touches 282 parts per million (ppm). Given that any measurement over 200ppm is deemed to be hard, Goring is right up the charts when it comes to water hardness.

Goring by Sea – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 30.08inch or 764mm.

Goring-by-Sea, more usually referred to as Goring, lies about 2.5 miles west of Worthing town centre. The A259 runs east–west through Goring, connecting it to the centre of Worthing and beyond Brighton in one direction and Littlehampton and Bognor Regis to the west.

Served by two railway stations – Goring-by-Sea and Durrington – Goring features a mixed pebble and sand beach, which is a haven for watersports enthusiasts, including kitesurfing. Goring Gap, a protected area of fields and woodland between Goring and Ferring, lies to the south-west.

Famous Goring residents include Keith Emerson, the ELP keyboardist and film composer, the ballet dancer Francesca Hayward and musician Billy Idol.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Goring

The mains water and sewerage services for Goring by Sea are handled by Southern Water.

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