How hard is the water in Send?

Water hardness reading:
272 ppm (very hard)

Send residents are subjected to hard water. This is the reason.

Like so much of the south of England, including large parts of Surrey, Send is a place where hard water abounds. Don’t blame it on the rain. Rainwater is naturally soft. The issues arise when the water gets into the soil.

Send, as with much of the outlying areas of Guildford, sits on chalky, porous soil, which is rich in calcium and magnesium minerals. Once the rainwater arrives, the calcium and magnesium components transform soft water into hard.

If you are a Send homeowner and don’t care much for hard water constantly flowing from the taps, the smart move is to have a water softener fitted. You’ll see the benefits immediately! For a start, skin and hair adore softened water! It ensures they keep their natural shiny and vibrant appearance. And laundry is always much softer to the touch after being exposed to a soft watered washing machine.

Limescale – the scourge of so many households – is primarily caused by hard water. Water softeners put a stop to scale build-up, preventing it from accumulating in everyday appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, kettles and irons. Keeping kitchens and bathrooms clean is also much easier with soft water on the go. Less elbow grease and less expense! That’s because surfaces retain their shine for longer and use up less detergents in the process. Plus, your hard-earned income will stretch much further with soft water if you your central heating system isn’t hampered by scale; the boiler will be far more energy efficient. Great news when energy bills are on the rampage! Remember, all the time you use hard water, boilers will keep on downgrading with the likelihood that will need replacing much sooner than necessary.

The water hardness measurement for Send is 272 parts per million (ppm). That’s considered high, given that any reading over 200ppm is ranked as hard water. Incidentally, water softeners reduce that figure down to almost zero.

Send – an Overview

Annual rainfall: 23.40inch or 594.36mm.

The village of Send is situated close to Guildford in Surrey. It acquired its name during what was known as the Great Vowel Shift, from the word sand. Sand had been extracted at various periods until the 1990s for building and other usages from pits on parish outskirts. At the 2011 census, the population stood at 4245.

A rural band of Send adjoins the River Wey and, in 2000 following local flooding, 16 properties were more than a metre underwater, causing £600,000 of damage. In February 2007, the Environment Agency began reducing flood risk from the East Clandon stream.

Notable locals include the former Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond and the entrepreneur, soldier and spy, Charles Letts, who was born in Send.

Mains Drinking Water and Sewerage Services in Send

In Send, the mains water supply and sewerage services are generally provided by Thames Water.

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