EcoWater Outside Frost-free Cabinet


Providing protection from the harshest conditions, these hand-made, weather-proofed outside cabinets are ideal for housing all externally located Ecowater water softeners. Available in three sizes – small, tall and jumbo – each one is individually built from glass reinforced plastic and insulated with polystyrene. For ease, the mouldings come with lifting handles and a separate drip strip.  

There’s a choice of four colours. Standard brown is normally available ex stock. For green, white or black, please allow 14 days delivery.

  • Frost resistant 
  • Fully insulated
  • Superb quality   

Why would my water softener need to be situated outside?

  • Insulated cabinets are a great idea if your incoming mains or stop tap is awkwardly located. 
  • Ideal for properties with compact kitchens where cupboard and storage space are limited. 

Useful tip: 

Ecowater cabinets are most effective when positioned against the outside wall of an occupied property. Additionally, for the most exposed installations (north facing, for instance) a frost watcher (that’s a tube heater with thermostat) could come in handy. Price £168.45 inc. VAT  


27”x15”x26¼”          H25”xD13”x22¼”    Brown      

(686mmx381x667)  (635mmx330x565) Coloured 

Fits machines up to 24” high, like Ecowater eVOLUTION, Minimax, Kinetico 


37”x13”x22”            H35”xD13”x22¼”       Brown      

(940mmx381x667) (889mmx330x565)   Coloured   

Fits machines up to 34” high, like  


37”x19¾”x24”         H35”xD13”x22¼”    Brown         

(935mmx500x725) (914mmx476x558) Coloured   

Fits machines up to 33” high, like Ecowater eVOLUTION