Kinetico K5 Pure Ultra Drinking Water Station

The daddy of the pack! This is deluxe-level drinking water station from Kinetico which does everything that the slightly less expensive Kinetico drinking water stations do – but a little more besides! It will remove 99.9% of all impurities from your drinking water, including bacteria and viruses, delivering bio-pure water for all the family.


  • Pre-filter, Reverse Osmosis, Purefecta, VOC guard and post-filter
  • Independently certified filters
  • Tailored set up according to your home’s specific filtration needs
  • Can be adapted to any changing water filtration requirements 
  • Fits discreetly under the sink.
  • Supplied with Chrome 1/4 Turn Faucet Tap
  • Ultra-clean water supplied at just 4p per litre
  • 10 year warranty, if fitted with a Kinetico water softener

Reverse Osmosis

All the products in our Kinetico K5 product range use an advanced filtration process, called reverse osmosis, to cleanse your drinking water. Comprising a system of three filters to remove harmful and unwanted substances, reverse osmosis is where water molecules pass through a semi-permeable membrane that traps the larger contaminants. Any remaining particles go straight down the drain, ensuring that only crystal clear, wonderful tasting water comes out of the tap.