EcoWater Remineralisation Filter

This easy to fit, long lasting remineralisation filter will guarantee you gallons of great tasting water – with all the essential minerals restored. For the purest, healthiest drinking water! 

  • High-quality filter
  • Restores the pH level of your water to 7.0-7.5
  • Returns all the essential minerals
  • Carries safe electrolytes – to maintain the body’s equilibrium
  • Makes great drinking water extra special 

Reverse Osmosis and Remineralisation – the best of both worlds when it comes to drinking water 

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Utilising the highest levels of filtration, the Ecowater ERO 385 Reverse Osmosis drinking water filter has a semi-permeable membrane and active carbon cartridges which flush away up to 95% of total dissolved solids. Impurities like chlorine (that can smell and taste quite unpleasant) and sodium are taken out of the picture. 

To ensure you always have fresh water when you require it, with the reverse osmosis system, your filtered water is stored in a tank. What’s left behind is beautiful looking, lovely tasting drinking water flowing straight from the tap whenever it’s required.