EcoWater eVOLUTION Boost 400


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If you live in a busy, substantially sized home, where you require higher water volume and high flow rates, then these are exactly the size of water softeners you should be considering.

With its greater resin capacity and one inch interval valve, you’ll benefit from the Boost 400 high softening capacity and improved flow rates, especially during peak demand.

An eVOLUTION range water softener will guarantee superbly soft water at your beck and call!

As a result, domestic appliances and pipework won’t be subjected to any lurking limescale and other deposits – the enemies of good quality water.

  • Low running costs
  • Wi-Fi connectivity as standard
  • Automatic salt level detection
  • Large salt storage
  • Easy to use

Additional Information

Sits in the larger 1140mm high frame, with a 355mm wide by 510 deep base. Same 1 inch valve as the 300, but boasts the largest salt reservoir in the range.

  • Managed by smart software, for automatic optimal settings – specifically geared to your home’s water consumption
  • Salt levels measured in real-time. Illuminated salt tank feature when lid is opened
  • High quality, corrosion-free valve preventing unnecessary wear and tear
  • WiFi alerts as standard when extra salt tablets are needed. Far more cost-effective than block salt!

Click here to download the brochure and specifications for the eVOLUTION Boost Series 300 and 400.

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