Kinetico HT 600 Series Commercial Water Softener


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Our high-performance Kinetico HT 613 water softeners are ideal for commercial installations where space is at a premium. Compact and ingeniously designed, they provide highly effective soft water solutions for the catering and hospitality sector, as well nursing homes.  The HT 613 operates with a so-called pendulum method using two vessels, where one vessel is always in operation and the other is on standby ensuring continuous, 24/7 soft water.  

Our supply-only machines are sold on a return to base warranty. Please note that this machine doesn’t come with a fitting kit as standard.

  • Provides soft water round the clock  
  • Metered water use, so regeneration only occurs when necessary
  • Softens up to 2x 760 litres of water per regeneration cycle
  • Fits neatly in a cabinet on wheels for ease of movement and cleaning


The Kinetico HT-613 consists of a cabinet housing with two vessels filled with high-quality ion exchange resin, with a Kinetico water quantity-control valve mounted on it. The water softener works without any electricity power and is controlled by a combination of water pressure and the set hardness/softness. There are easy-running rollers attached to the cabinet allowing for easy moving and cleaning.  

Quantity control

No soft water gets wasted! The amount of soft water you use is measured by the water flow controlled by the Kinetico valve, via the built-in water meter, which automatically kicks in when activated by the water pressure.  

Ion exchange resin

The HT 613 operates with a high-quality ion exchange resin. 


The plant will regenerate independently. Regeneration occurs separately in each bottle, ensuring a continuous, round-the-clock supply of soft water. 

Salt filling

Salt usage is dependent upon the amount of salt and the hardness of your water. A salt refill will probably be required every couple of months, but it is best to regularly check the levels. The softener uses tablet salt.  

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