ERO 385 Ecowater Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System Plus WiFi with Remineralisation Filter

Just because the drinking water coming from your mains meets drinking water standards, it might not meet your own! Water that hasn’t been purified can contain all kinds of dissolved metals, including lead and iron. It might also be treated with chlorine and have other undesirable substances within it, like sulphates and arsenic. 

The Ero 385 Plus Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System is perfect for providing you with cleaner, clearer, great tasting drinking water. 


  • Removes 99.1% of lead 
  • Patented HydroLink Plus WiFi enabled technology provides the remote display of valuable product performance, alerts, water usage and filter life information
  • 50 gallons per day production rate, industry rated, high recovery 42% membrane, (actual production rate varies on water usage and conditions)
  • The filters are enclosed for cleanliness and ease of replacement
  • Change filters without turning off the water; a simple quarter turn of the filter shuts off the water and the filter is automatically released
  • Post-filter reduces PFOA, PFOS and VOCs
  • Additional filter selections are available, including remineralisation


  • Unique and elegant chrome or brushed nickel faucet styles
  • Optional electronic faucet indicates when filters and membrane need to be replaced
  • System is expandable if additional filters need to be added
  • 75 gallon per day membrane
  • Adaptor kits are available to easily to add a permeate pump system, which provides improved flow rates at the faucet

Purer water is ideal for:

Drinking, cooking, coffee and tea, ice cubes, baby formula, juice concentrates, house plants, steam irons  

Offering the purest drinking water solutions for households and businesses throughout West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

*Taps not included, but these can be purchased separately here.

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