Soft water is “green” – if you see what we mean

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  • Our company is committed to core principles of reducing and recycling.

  • We sell energy-saving water softeners that are kind to the environment.

  • Our softeners use as little as £2 of energy per year.

  • Ensuring water-using appliances like boilers, washing machines and dishwashers work more efficiently.

  • The most advantageously priced, eco-friendly softeners on the market.

Scott Jenkins Water Softeners are firm believers in promoting a green environment. Did you know that having a water softener all helps in the quest to be eco-friendly? Hard water is the prime cause of limescale. And the more scale build-up that collects in your central heating system, the more energy is required to generate sufficient amounts of heat and hot water. Guess what – the best cure for limescale build-up is to have softened water in the home.
Our softeners, which use fewer than 17.5 kWh of energy per year (equivalent to about £2 a year), aren’t just green in design, they also are the most competitively priced on the market.

The full story

Before you get the wrong end of the stick, we aren’t suggesting that having a water softener installed in your home will make your water turn green. That’s the last thing it should do.

In fact, a water softener will do the complete opposite. It will not only make the water softer, but it will also get rid of many of the impurities that are present in the hard water, which enters your property through the mains supply.

The link between soft water and being green, which we are referring to, is all about looking after the environment and what we can do in our daily lives to be more sustainable. The disturbing effects of climate change are largely due to the amount of carbon dioxide being belched out into the atmosphere. Anything that can be done to reduce our carbon footprint and to protect our fragile ecosystems has surely got to be a good thing, to ensure the planet remains habitable for future generations.

Of course, there is only so much each one of us can do. But every little helps, as that big food store whose name has just escaped me, is always keen to remind us!

Anyway, leaving Tesco (whoops!) to one side, at Scott Jenkins Water Softeners, we aren’t just paying lip service to being environmentally friendly.

What makes Scott Jenkins Water Softeners so Green?

The water softener brands that we sell at Scott Jenkins Water Softeners are designed to be kind to the environment. Not just in their manufacturing processes – but also around the whole subject of using water responsibly. Here’s an overview of why:

All our water softeners are extremely efficient at helping reduce energy use in the home, given that central heating systems and household appliances will always get through less energy if they aren’t clogged up with scale, produced by hard water.

We are committed to the core principles of reducing and recycling. Our products are designed and manufactured around advanced engineering which controls and limits energy usage, as well as air and water emissions.

Our softeners use fewer than 17.5 kWh of energy per year. That’s equivalent to about £2 a year.

By helping to eliminate limescale build up, our softeners make water-using appliances like boilers, washing machines and dishwashers much more efficient.

How do the prices of Scott Jenkins Water Softeners compare to other water softeners?

Very favourably! Take MolliVita, for instance. With a starting price of £1,195, these energy efficient, eco-friendly softeners are arguably the most affordable range of water softeners you’ll find anywhere in the UK.

It would be difficult, if not impossible, to find an equivalent spec water softener selling for anywhere near this price. And don’t forget, once you’ve paid outright for your first Molli, you won’t need to fork out on another water softener ever again!


So, there you have it. If you are looking to create a greener lifestyle for you and your family, there are many ways that you can make a difference. But certainly, if you want to ensure the soft water in your home is as eco-friendly as it could possibly be, Scott Jenkins Water Softeners have a superb range of eco-friendly products from which to choose.

Plus, when we install it for you, we’ll likely to attend in a battery-powered van.

It’s enough to turn the competition green with envy.If you are considering introducing a soft water system into your home, SJ Water Softeners are one of the leading sales and service providers in the south of England for water softeners and filtration products. We cover the counties of West Sussex, East Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey as well as Greater London. For all enquiries, call SJ Water Softeners on 01243 607494 or via email: