These days plastic is a dirty word. It didn’t used to be. We once thought of it as a wonderful invention – which is why it is so abundant in our everyday lives.

But world plastic production has doubled in the last 50 years and the effects are taking a heavy toll. Plastic is now seen as a scourge.

Nearly three quarters of all global beach litter is plastic based. And that’s before we even consider what’s going on in our oceans. We’ve now reached a stage where plastic is a credible threat to our wildlife and the environment.

How we can all make a difference

Furthermore, it is also having an impact on human health. It’s everywhere. Minute particles that are in the air we breathe and the food we eat. Each year, the average person consumes around 70,000 microplastics.

So what can we do in our daily lives to turn the tide?

The answer is to stop buying bottled water in plastic containers. It’s as simple as that. And before you ask, we are not advocating that you stop drinking water altogether – far from it. Drinking plenty of liquids – especially water – is essential to maintaining good health.

But, equally, neither should it mean resorting to hard tap water, often with a grotty taste.

By having a water softener installed in your property, you won’t have to worry about consuming hard tap water ever again. Just as importantly, you won’t have to fork out money buying bottled water from the supermarket or convenience store, either in packs or one at a time. Yes, water in plastic bottles is sold just about everywhere these days!

Moving in the right direction

If we can eliminate bottled water – or at least dramatically cut its consumption – the reduction in the amount of plastic production and waste would be substantial.

As consumers, the advantages of having a water softener can be far reaching. If you use a glass or stainless steel bottle that is filled from a soft water supply, you can simply rinse it out each day and it’s ready to use again and again. No need to resort to single-use plastic or going to the trouble of recycling the waste. Let’s face it, how often do these bottles just get chucked away, adding to the millions of tons of plastic waste already in our landfill sites?

Instead, the convenient alternative is surely to fill up a bottle of softened water from your own kitchen tap, from which flows an unlimited supply.

Once you have your system installed, you can enjoy all the other benefits that soft water will bring to the home. It’s better for laundry, better for washing, better for the skin, better for the whole family.

There’s no need to drink funny tasting water

With a little extra planning, it is possible to reduce plastic waste, to help protect marine mammals and the precious coral reefs, as well as reducing plastic-related health issues.

You won’t be alone. In the region we serve, East and West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey, we are finding more and more customers are coming round to the idea of soft water as an alternative to buying bottled water.

So, if you support the cause to reduce our plastic consumption and are reluctant to resort to drinking hard water with a funny taste, talk to us about a long-term solution.

At SJ Water Softeners, we supply and install state-of-the-art, competitively priced soft water systems that will, at once, save you from having to drink chlorine-laden water that tastes like something from the local swimming pool.

And it will save you from having to stock up with plastic bottle after plastic bottle of water from your local retailer. As a bonus, your shopping won’t be so heavy to cart about, either!

So why not reduce your use of plastic today! Call us on 01243 607494 or email:

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