Research shows that conditions such as eczema and dry skin are worsened by hard water.

You can protect your family from the discomfort of these skin conditions and others by installing a water softener.

How does hard water affect your family?

Hard water contains minerals which draw the oils from our skin and reduce the skin’s natural moisture levels. This dry skin is more prone to cracking and irritability leaving it vulnerable to germs and allergens.

Households with hard water also use more soaps and detergents which can further worsen these symptoms.

Aside from this the extra laundry detergents required to produce the same cleaning effects in hard water homes often leave hidden residues on clothing, bed linens and towels making the problem even worse.

Protecting your loved ones

You can reduce the risks of irritation and dry skin by installing a water softener. These systems work to remove invisible traces of magnesium and calcium from your water supply meaning you’ll use less soaps & detergents, and your skin will be less irritable and dry.

Eczema before and after a water softener