Climate Change is clearly one of the biggest issues of our time – but as consumers caught up in the debate, it’s easy to feel powerless. Even if you are keen to play your part in being environmentally responsible, you’d be forgiven for thinking that, in the grander scheme of things, there is only so much any of us can do individually to make much of an impact.

But actually, there is already quite a bit that we many of us are currently doing, which is having a positive effect on reducing harmful emissions.  

Take consumables, for instance. We are recycling them like never before – whether it’s plastics, glass, paper, aluminium or electronics. On the roads, we are choosing to drive hybrid vehicles in ever-growing numbers, to reduce the harmful effects of hydrocarbons. 

And yes, owning a water softener and having reverse osmosis (RO) is also making a positive contribution. 

You might be pleasantly surprised to know that: 

  • If you live in a hard water area and have a water softener with an RO drinking water system installed, it’s equivalent to removing one and a third cars off the road for a whole year, helping to reduce greenhouse gases. 
  • A water conditioner or refiner and RO will reduce CO₂ emissions by 15,319 pounds annually. Interestingly, that’s around 100 times greater than the reduction in CO₂ emissions you would gain by installing the most energy efficient refrigerator in your home. 
  • The annual cost of running the electronics in the majority of our water softeners comes to less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks – peanuts! 

Why does owning a water softener and having RO help the environment? 

It’s down to the amount of energy you save on the bottling, packaging and transporting of bottled water. The production of it all is quite a process, which is caked in carbon footprint! 

Not just that. Water softeners reduce the amount of detergents and cleaning products you’ll use in the home. These agents also impact the environment. In addition, a water softener will enable your central heating system to work more efficiently due to less limescale build-up, in turn requiring less energy output. 

So, if you are currently getting by with hard water and putting up with drinking tap water that tastes like it’s come from a swimming pool, switching to being green and getting a water softener is actually a no-brainer. Your reward for being eco-friendly? You’ll have all the benefits of soft water in your home – and you can enjoy the purest tasting drinking water you’ll ever likely to find. 

That sounds like quite a good return for the environment! 

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