So what’s all the fuss about having soft water?

Why would you want to invest your hard-earned money on a water softener? Will it be worth it? Will you notice any difference from the water currently coming out of your tap?

These are all perfectly valid questions.

The answer is that there are numerous ways in which soft water can benefit you and every member of your household. Here are ten top reasons why you should say hello to soft water and goodbye to hard water. You won’t ever look back!

  1. Reduce the time spent cleaning
    Household cleaning is one of those inescapable facts of life. Whether you do it yourself or you have a cleaner to do it for you, it is much easier to keep surfaces looking clean and pristine if you are a soft water household with less limescale. Who would complain if they had to spend less time using elbow grease?

  2. Experience luscious locks
    Washing your hair in hard water can leave it feeling drab and lifeless. To the touch, you’ll find it loses its softness and that healthy looking shine will be absent. The opposite is true with soft water. Hair will look lustrous, healthy and natural. Locks love soft water!

  3. Appliances love soft water
    The limescale from hard water is exceptionally harsh on household appliances. In no time at all, it can really clog up pipework. This is especially true of Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire where we suffer from the country’s hardest water. This places unwelcome pressure on central heating boilers, washing machines and even kitchen kettles. With soft water, limescale will disappear, leaving the appliances to perform at their best, for much longer. Again, another money-saver.

  4. Baths that bubble over!
    There’s nothing better than luxuriating in a hot bath surrounded by loads of bubbles. It’s much easier to create this effect with soft water. With hard water, that lovely lather vanishes without trace and you’ll find, all too often, yourself laying in a sea of transparency – rather than being enveloped in an ocean of bubblyness!

  5. Lovely feeling laundry
    When you launder clothes and towels in hard water, their original softness soon disappears, leaving them feeling starchy and rough to the touch – very unappealing. If you do your laundry in soft water, you’ll discover it comes out lighter and fluffier. Your linen won’t just look and feel better, it’ll last longer, too.

  6. Perfect pipework
    By eradicating destructive limescale, soft water enables boilers and radiators to perform reliably for years and years.

  7. Be kind on your skin
    Hard water is known to dry out the skin. And dry skin exacerbates skin conditions like eczema and even dermatitis. Of course, it is always best to consult a doctor about the most effective treatments for any skin conditions, but we can categorically say that soft water is much kinder on your skin than hard water.

  8. Make a better cuppa
    Every time you make your favourite brew with hard water, your kettle or coffee machine will bear the brunt. Why would you want tea or coffee made with limescale-ridden hard water? Soft water will ensure kettles and coffee makers stay clean and working efficiently. And you’ll keep getting better tasting cuppas!

  9. Save on gas and energy bills
    If you have hidden limescale build-up in your household pipework and central heating system, it will take longer for water to heat up than it would do if you have soft water flowing through the system. As a result, a water softener will enable you to save money on your gas and energy bills, because your boiler won’t have to work as hard for the required effect.

  10. Put some sparkle into your home
    Cleaning is so much more productive with soft water. You’ll really notice the difference in your bathrooms and kitchens, as there won’t be nearly as much grime and staining that occurs with hard water. Bathrooms, taps, sinks and kitchen worktops will sparkle like never before!

If you would like to discuss having a soft water solution for your home or commercial premises, please contact the area’s number one local supplier, SJ Water Softeners on 01243 607494 or via email: