Soap and detergents are just one area of the home that you will save a lot of money over the years not to mention your skin and hair will thank you too.

Less soap and detergent not only saves you money it’s far fewer chemicals that your skin, hair and clothes come in contact with. Plus that’s less going down the drain and polluting our water further. When you have hard water the struggle is getting a good lather.

So what do we do? We use more! Using more creates more scum and more cost.

The scum is bad for our hair and skin because it draws out our natural oils and replaces it with soap scum and chalk from the water gets trapped in the pores of our skin drying us out further, even when we are out of the shower. The excess detergent and scum collect in the fibres of our clothes fading our favourite jeans and leaving our towels and laundry crispy, rigid and thin.

I always say to my new customers that you will not even need to add washing detergent to your first wash loads because there is enough detergent trapped in the fibres of the clothes. All this being said you can now see the cycle of hard water and how it affects us. Let’s break it down into bite size pieces.

We wash in chalky water that contains soap scum.
The soap scum and chalk water dries out our skin and hair then gets trapped in the pores of our skin.
We then dry ourselves with a rough towel which has detergent still in the fibres agitating the skin further as the excess detergent is released back onto our skin.
Whether we get dressed for the day or into bed these irritants are inescapable and are all around you 24/7
With soft water there is no cycle to break. No soap scum, no excess detergent in fabric just nice fresh soft towels, clothes and bed sheets that feel so fresh.

When you make the move you will be astonished, everybody is!

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