Can you remember the time when dishwashers weren’t mainstream household appliances?

Hang on a minute, Scott, I hear you proclaim. I thought you sold water softeners and water filters!  And you’d be right!  We don’t sell dishwashers and have no intention of doing so, either. 

But the reason I have thrown this question out there is because it is interesting to see how times have changed. How something, like the everyday dishwasher, that was once seen as rather exclusive and upmarket gadget, has evolved to become part of the kitchen furniture – literally!  

According to, one of the world’s leading business data providers, as of 2018, around half of all UK households had a dishwasher and that number is set to steadily increase in the coming years.

Today, it’s probably now more of a surprise if a kitchen – especially a modern kitchen – isn’t fitted with a dishwasher. Certainly, if you are buying a house or renting a holiday home without a dishwasher, that can actually be a turn-off. 

Are UK water softener sales likely to grow during this decade? 

Which brings me back to my specialist subject – water softeners. Whilst we aren’t quite on a par yet with those automatic plate cleaners, we are certainly moving in the right direction. Indeed, I’d go as far as to predict that, within the next 5-10 years, having equipment in your home that turns hard water into soft will become as prevalent in UK homes as dishwashers. I see this as being especially the case here in the south of England, in and around Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire in particular, where mains water supply is at its chalkiest and hardest. 

You only have to see the number of companies who make water softeners, as well as those who supply and service them – not just in the UK. They are everywhere (us included) which is testament to the fact that water softeners are brilliant inventions that can improve our everyday lives (including our health and wellness)

Now, if you are reading this because you are considering having a soft water system installed in your home or business, then that’s excellent news. Our comprehensive range of water softeners, water filters and accessories have everything you need to benefit from outstanding softened water 24/7. As a starting point, check our great choice of Kinetico and EcoWater softeners in our online shop.

What would you rather have – a water softener or a dishwasher? 

As to the question, which is more useful, a dishwasher or a water softener – it’s a tough one to answer. Dishwashers are practical, time-saving inventions, but we would always recommend a water softener as a priority for any home. Apart from all the other benefits it brings, do bear in mind that a water softener will certainly improve the performance of your household appliances – including your dishwasher.    

For the time being, whilst it’s the case that you are more likely to have a dishwasher than a water softener, having both pieces of kit offer the best solution of all. Given that there seems to be no let-up in demand for water softeners, it would appear that more and more UK consumers are thinking along these lines and want the best of both worlds. Who can blame them! 

Indeed, it probably isn’t too much of an exaggeration to say that, in 2021, water softeners really are the new dishwashers. 

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