A tri-flow tap, otherwise known as a three-way tap, is a popular addition for many people who enjoy the benefits of having a water softener, but who don’t necessarily want to drink soft water.

Although it is perfectly OK to drink soft water, it’s usually down to preference and taste. People tend to prefer drinking hard water. This is where tri-flow taps are ideal. The way they work, is that you have one tap over the kitchen sink which provides three options in one; hot and cold softened water, as well as filtered, hard water. For the filtered water supply, this is linked to a filter. We would normally recommend fitting a ten-inch carbon filter underneath your kitchen sink, although these can vary. These ten inch filters only need changing once a year. When the time comes to change them over, you simply unscrew the filter, which is recyclable, and replace it with a new one, which is very easy to screw back in.

So a tri-flow filter tap arrangement enables you to have the best of both worlds – hot and cold soft water for washing and cleaning, together with a continuous supply of hard water for drinking. As an alternative to a tri-flow tap arrangement, a separate faucet tap would be required for your drinking water supply.

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Alternatively, watch our video demonstrating how a tri-flow tap works here: