What do I want a water filter tap for

May 8, 2019 | Health & Lifestyle

What’s so good about a water filter?

Remember a water softener is for the outside of you and the inside of your home, a filtration system is for the inside of you and your family.

A great addition to any water softener installation is a water filter, there are many types and yet again another minefield of confusion like selecting the right water softener.
Do not worry we are here to help 🙂
So starting at the bottom. What we do NOT install… Are low budget carbon filters, on par with what can only be compared to a popular household filter jug. The jugs will remove 70 – 80% of chlorine and other odours and funny tastes that crop up in our water. Sadly these deteriorate rapidly from day one, are cumbersome and take up valuable fridge and or worktop real estate. Not to mention the dreaded “who didn’t fill the jug up”? Scenario.
By choosing a filter of good quality which I can assure you we can tailor to your requirements and exceed your expectations.
We do not mess about with second rate!
Our entry-level filters will remove 99% of chlorine as well as small debris and particles we can not see. It comes equipped with a separate faucet tap or your existing tap can be replaced for a three-way tap. If you are feeling a little bit lost here is a link to a blog on three-way taps.


And another on faucet taps hopefully these will bring you up to speed.


What do I use the filtered water for?

I recommend the water is used for washing fruit and veg, cooking, boiling rice and pasta. Well, anything that will be consumed. However, personally I would use soft water in the kettle and coffee machines so as to not get a furred up kettle or coffee machine along with the uninvited scum film on the top of your brew.

After this we take a big jump to Reverse osmosis systems. This is where the water passes through a series of filters. Each filter has a different job and removes different contaminants from the water. Leaving the end result either, pure, remineralised and or virus free.

These perform best with a soft water feed. Why? The filters’ system will not have to work as hard once the chalkiness has been removed from the water. Which is great because this means the filters last longer and warranties are extended.

How often should I change my filters?

Depending on what has been selected the vast majority if not all of our filters are to be changed annually. If you do not think they need changing annually then you are NOT using the system to its full potential!

Irrespective of use. The contaminants collected on day one will still be present so for hygiene and freshness change annually. Let’s face it you have paid for quality why not keep it that way. Would you put a second hand oil filter on your car engine?

How much do filters cost?
Most filters cost £1 – £2.30 a week to use.

Can I have a filtration system without a water softener? Yes and we can help you select the right one for you.

What do I use Reverse osmosis water for?

EVERYTHING it is simply wonderful. All of the above. Fill your family’s water bottles knowing they are getting beautiful fresh clear safe water, environmentally friendly and free from plastic contaminants.

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