In many homes, it isn’t always possible to fit a water softener right next to the stop cock.  This is usually because where the stopcock is positioned, there isn’t sufficient space next to it to install the water softener. 

This needn’t be a problem, however. It is perfectly possible to site the softener many metres away from the stopcock – usually under the kitchen sink where there is normally plenty of room – and still enjoy all the benefits that soft water brings

Will this affect the flow rate?

No, it will make no difference at all. The reason for this is that the pipework we install will be the same size as the main pipe into the house, which is usually 22ml.  This will ensure that the water will flow at the same rate – both upstairs and downstairs – as it did prior to you having the soft water system connected.    

If your water softener can only be fitted a long way from the stop cock, this will have absolutely no negative impact on the performance and efficiency of the water softener.  

In this YouTube video Scott demonstrates how straightforward it is to fit a water softener that’s isolated from the stopcock, using a back feed, with everything about the installation looking as neat and tidy as you would expect.  

It also shows the versatility of water softeners – since they can be located just about anywhere in the property. The existing configuration of your pipework need never be an issue! 

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