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    Scott Jenkins

    I started my plumbing business in 2002 and got into water treatment after Maisie was born in 2012. Maisie was born with eczema, realizing that soft water improved her skin condition I started spreading the word, and before I knew it Harvey water softeners asked me to join there team as a Twin Tec dealer and installer. The rest is history

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    We have a great relationship with our manufacturers, and we ensure that all staff are trained to their high standards, with continuous on going training.

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    Family is very important to us for obvious reasons. But for us its all about supporting each other and being the best parents we can be to Maisie and Max. Running a business takes up a lot of time. We never let that get in the way of being devoted parents. As they say family first family second.

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    How much scale is there in your home?

    Each year, in a hard water area (300 mg/l as calcium carbonate equivalent) the average family home will use water containing 70 kg (154 lbs) of scale. Unchecked, it will cause damage and expense. It is estimated that an ion-exchange water softener could save in the region of £200 for this average 4-person household.

    The main reasons you may want to purchase a water softener are:

    • to lower energy consumption by reducing scale build-up in water heaters
    • to reduce the amount of soap needed to create a lather
    • to maintain plumbing fixture appearance and function
    • to enjoy the feel of softened water when washing
    • A rated boiler will become a B rated within 6 months, unless you install a water softener
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