If you live in a hard water area and you have a stylish, black sink – or any shade other than white for that matter – it isn’t going to stay looking nice and clean for long, if it is continually being subjected to hard water landing on it. The darker the colour of your units, the more the defects will show up.  When you’ve just had a lovely new kitchen fitted or upgraded, what could be more disheartening?  

One unappetising answer is to devote more time to cleaning. But why should be expected to do that?! 

The best way round all this is to have a water softener installed.  

The water softener will remove all the magnesium and calcium, the minerals in hard water that produce all those unsightly, scaly deposits that build up around sinks and taps. Without a water softener, in hard water areas like Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey, wherever you have running water in your home, limescale is a fact of life and it will keep coming back. 

With a trusted water softener on your side, you can be assured that your kitchens and bathrooms will stay looking in A1 condition for longer. That lovely sheen will be preserved for longer and you won’t need to spend nearly as much time – or money – on cleaning! That’s how you can confidently go ahead with darker shaded finishes in your kitchen or bathroom.

SJ Water Softeners install and service water softeners throughout much of the south of England, especially West and East Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. For all enquiries, call 01243 607494 or via email: scott@sjbs.info