Kinetico Water Softeners Explained

Aug 31, 2021 | General

Let’s be straight here – we love Kinetico Water Softeners. We sell plenty of them, we have done for years – and we intend to do so well into the future.  

We say this with plenty of sound evidence to back it up.  

Kinetico is an American company. They’ve sold hundreds of thousands of water softeners all over the world and they rarely go wrong. Which means they must be doing quite a lot right! It’s why we have such confidence in the brand.  

But more than that, Kinetico has provided the blueprint for many of today’s most successful makes of water softeners. Modern versions are typically based on the non-electric, twin-tank water softener style of product – originally designed by Kinetico more than four decades ago.  Incidentally, they sold their first commercial softener in 1973 – coming up to 50 years ago. 

The term ‘non-electric’ means each unit is powered, not by electricity, but by the kinetic energy of water (hence the name Kinetico). The twin tank, or dual tank, composition ensures that you are guaranteed a non-stop supply of softened water, which isn’t the case with single tank systems. Either way, since no electricity is required to power these soft water systems, this is a big tick in the box as far as the environment is concerned. It also helps to make them economical to run. 

How does a Dual Tank Water Softener work? 

Firstly, there is a metering system in place, which measures the amount of hard water passing through the tank. Once the first tank has reached full capacity and requires regeneration, the system automatically switches over to the second tank, so there is no let-up in soft water supply. Soft water flows 24/7.  The first tank is then left to go through its regeneration process and then remains on stand-by, until the second tank returns to maximum capacity. And back and forth and on and on it goes.    

Kinetico systems not only monitor water usage, they also process your water according to need, acting on demand. This reduces waste and keeps your energy consumption, which is great from a cost perspective. 

Plus, they are built to last. Known for their reliability, longevity, high performance and affordability, Kinetico water softeners come with a 10-year warranty – at least they always do through Scott Jenkins Water Softeners, such is our confidence in the product. This is excellent for your peace of mind, knowing that if anything should go wrong – which it rarely will – you can count on us to fix the problem under our guarantee.   

How much do Kinetico Water Softeners Cost?

As with all things Kinetico, they’ve kept the range clear-cut, offering three water softeners, suited to your requirements (based on size of property, water usage etc) and budget.   

Premier Compact

The staple flagship of the range is the Premier Compact, perfect for your average size home (accommodating up to 3 bathrooms).  This premium, twin-tank, non-electric softener is known for being highly efficient and delivering optimum performance. Its contemporary, sleek design includes an innovative salt viewing window and an easy-lift magnetic lid, making it straightforward to maintain. It fits neatly under the kitchen sink and it won’t have any detrimental effect on your water pressure (a question we get asked frequently about water softeners).  Price £1595.00. 

Premier Maxi 

The Premier Maxi is a high performance semi-commercial softener, for properties supporting between 3 and 6 bathrooms. This makes them suitable for substantial family homes as well as bed and breakfast style accommodation. Guaranteed to give consistent flow rates, this is a real workhorse water softener. Price £1745.00

Kinetico HT 613 

The daddy of the Kinetico range, the HT 613 is the perfect commercial water softener, capable of delivering highly effective soft water solutions for the catering/hospitality and healthcare sectors, making it ideal for pubs, restaurants and nursing homes. It can soften up to 2×760 litres of water per regeneration cycle – which is impressive by any standard. Price £1884.29  

Will my Kinetico water softener save me money on my household cleaning bills?

Kinetico water softeners are designed to soften up even the hardest water we encounter in the UK, ensuring limescale and scummy residue stay away from kitchen and bathroom surfaces. It’s estimated a two-person home could save up to £33 per month on detergents, toiletries, energy bills and appliance breakdowns. Your Kinetico soft water system will pay for itself in no time at all!  

How often will my Kinetico Water Softener need Servicing?

An annual service is all it takes to ensure that your Kinetico Water Softener stays in mint condition. You may already be signed up to one of our annual service plans but, if not, click here for more information.  

Which areas in the south of England do SJ Water Softeners cover? 

As leading Kinetico dealers, we are prolific throughout West and East Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey – covering the Sussex coastline from Worthing to Brighton and along to Eastbourne, up to Crawley and the Gatwick catchment area. Then we go across into Surrey servicing towns like Esher and Epsom, onwards to Farnham, Guildford, Winchester and south to Southampton and Portsmouth. On personal recommendation, we’ve been known to carry out water softener installations as far afield as Oxfordshire and Berkshire. So, we do get out and about! 

Wherever you live in the south-east, SJ Water Softeners can provide customers with the very best ways to manage soft water consumption. 

Feel free to browse the shop for more detailed information about our Kinetico Water Softeners or contact us on 01243 607494 or via email Alternatively, why not get an instant quote from us, to find out which is the most appropriate water softener for your property